domingo, 5 de julio de 2009

PUFFY in Japan Expo (France!!)

En la pagina de PUFFY Ami nos relata su experiencia en Francia
It's 8 in the morning here.

The Ami who just arrived was like,
"Yeah...I'm so used to the US, that I can't get used to Europe (LOL)".
As the days go by, I can see myself blending in.
Even if it says Printemps,
I know not to read it as is... like Print emps,
I know it's really pronounced "Prentan".

Anyway, each and every buildings is just so nice here.
If you look around carefully it's sculptured
and so beautiful.

This is definitely a place you have to visit at least once.
It's my second time.





Y aqui un Video!
poco de lo que vivieron los franceses (que envidia kaos58)
Atte: J.C.P.S (Japan Cool! PUFFY! Staff)
this is PUFFY no Ruuru!

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