domingo, 24 de mayo de 2009

PUFFY Actualizacion 2!

Cambios en la web Oficial , estos son los fondos:
Enero 2009:

Wallpaper Actual:

Countdown 08/09:

y aqui los cambios de look de Yumi en el 2009:
1er Look:

y este es su Actual Look:

Por cierto aqui esta la pic del tour de Bring It!, incluido en el DVD! ^^:
Honeycreeper Scrapper Tracks:

* "My Story (Later released as a single) - 3:42
* "All Because Of You (Later released as a single) - 2:31
* "Kuchibiru Motion (Considered as a single, but never had its official release) - 4:06
* "Furontia No Paionia/Frontier No Pioneer" (Later used as a B-Side on "All Because Of You") - 3:50
* "Twilight Shooting Star" (Later used as a B-Side for "My Story") - 2:43
* "Neji Potion" (Later featured on "Oriental Diamond/Kuchibiru Motion" physical release) - 4:02
* "Shooting Stars" (Featured on Japanese edition of "Boom Boom Beat") - 3:22
* "Clearance" (Leaked on the Internet two weeks before "Honeycreeper" official release) - 4:22
* "Nothing There" (Only an intrumental and a demo by another male singer) - 3:10
* "Moon/Sun" (Set to be release, cancelled) - 4:01
* "Forget How My Voice Sounds" (Instrumental version leaked, unknown real name, a fan name was given) - 4:57



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